Hire Bodyguard in Delhi, Noida & Gurgoan

If you are looking for reliable bouncers in Delhi NCR, you have come to the right place. We are a professional bouncer service provider, dedicated to providing high-quality security services to our clients. Our team of experienced bouncers is well-trained and equipped to handle any kind of security situation, ensuring the safety and protection of your premises and guests. We understand the importance of security in today’s world, and our bouncers are trained to handle all kinds of security threats in a calm and professional manner. Whether you need bouncers for a corporate event, private party, or any other occasion, we have got you covered. 

  • Reduces the risk of violence or theft.
  • Can handle difficult situations and maintain order.
  • Provides a safe and secure environment for guests.
  • Ensures the event runs smoothly without any disruptions.

Who Can Hire Bouncers Service From Us

Our bouncer services can be hired by a wide range of clients who require security services. Some examples include:

  1. Event organizers – for private parties, corporate events, concerts, etc.
  2. Nightclubs and bars – to ensure the safety of patrons and prevent violence.
  3. Retail stores and malls – to deter theft and maintain order.
  4. Hotels and resorts – for the safety of guests and property.
  5. Construction sites – to prevent vandalism and theft of equipment.
  6. Celebrities and VIPs – for personal protection and security.
  7. Educational institutions – to ensure the safety of students and staff.
  8. Hospitals and healthcare facilities – to maintain a safe and secure environment for patients and staff.
  9. Residential communities – to provide security and prevent unauthorized entry.
  10. Government agencies – for the protection of officials and public property.


It is too simple. Contact us with your requirements. The service is offered without any delay. Drop your mail or make a call to our venue! Each call is responded with care and regards. Aviral Force are always ready to serve you.