Professional security guards

If you’re in need of professional security services in the Delhi NCR areas, look no further than our highly trained and experienced security guards.

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Housekeeping Management

As one the foremost facility management service company, we understand the importance and dynamics of soft services like housekeeping.

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Surveillance Room

The Aviral Force has a skilled monitoring team that utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to maintain a constant watch on all systems.

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We understand the importance of security in today’s world, and our bouncers are trained to handle all kinds of security threats in a calm and professional manner.

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Security Supervisor

Security Supervisor is a crucial member of any organization’s security team, responsible for overseeing and coordinating the security operations to ensure the safety of people, property, and assets.

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Gun Man

Secure your peace of mind with Aviral Force’s Gun Man service – the ultimate protection for you and your loved ones.

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Who are we - Aviralforce

Founded by a team of Ex Defense and Engineering
personnel, Aviral Force Private Lamited is a
leader in providing integrated, bespoke facilities
management (FM) services and projects. In a short
span since our inception, we have established our
credentials with an unmatched track record of
ensuring sustained service excellence through
professionally managed FM services for more than
100 multinational clients and prominent business
houses across India.

About Us

Why Choose Us!

We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service and expertise in our field. Read more about us


Our Team

Meet our incredible team of talented and dedicated individuals, working together to achieve excellence and exceed expectations every day.

One Stop Shop

We are one stop shop for all your security and manpower’s need.

24x7 Support & Availability

We offer 24×7 support for our clients and the customer of our clients.

Compliance Oriented

We take compliance very seriously and confirm that the standards of services provided by us are best in class.

Our Expertise

We serve some of the best known and largest business and corporate houses in Kolkata and other parts of Eastern India.


We are the one stop shop for all your security and manpower need

VIP clients
Private clients
Employee training
Basic security services refer to the fundamental measures taken to ensure the safety and protection of people, property, and assets. This can include access control, monitoring systems, and physical security measures such as patrols and security personnel.
VIP in security stands for "Very Important Person." It is a term used to refer to individuals who require special protection and security measures due to their high-profile status or perceived level of threat.
Aviral Force is essential for ensuring the safety and protection of people and property in a variety of settings, including events, businesses, and personal residences. Their presence provides a sense of security and deterrence against potential threats.
A private bouncer is a security professional hired by individuals or organizations to provide personal protection and security services. Their main responsibility is to ensure the safety of their clients by preventing and managing potential threats or risks.
24/7 Your Protection Life

Effective integrated security services for businesses and home control online

Looking for reliable and professional bodyguard services? Look no further than our team of experienced and highly trained bodyguards. We understand the importance of personal safety and security, and we take every precaution to ensure that our clients are protected at all times. Whether you need one-time protection for a special event or ongoing security for your daily routine, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

Looking for a reliable and efficient housekeeping management service? Look no further than our team! Our experienced and dedicated staff will ensure that your home or office is clean, organized, and always in tip-top shape. Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services, we've got you covered.

Looking for reliable security guard services to protect your property and ensure your safety? Look no further than our top-rated security guard company! Our highly trained security guards have the expertise and experience needed to keep your premises secure, deter potential threats, and respond quickly in case of an emergency.

Protect your property and loved ones with our professional CCTV service. Our state-of-the-art cameras will provide you with 24/7 surveillance, ensuring that any potential intruders or threats are detected and deterred. Don't leave the safety of your home or business to chance. Contact us today to learn more about our CCTV service and schedule a consultation with our expert team.


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